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GivingTuesday (Nov. 27, 2018) and other timely opportunities to support ClotCare

November 23, 26, and 27, 2018 are important fundraising dates for anyone interested in supporting ClotCare at little or no cost.  The most unique opportunity is on the 27th, but I’ll provide a little information and describe all three below.

ClotCare.org is an independent, award-winning, free global information service that is dedicated to improving and saving lives by providing clinicians, patients, and care givers with up to date, unbiased information on how to prevent and/or treat blood clots that cause strokes, heart attacks, and other catastrophic conditions. The ClotCare service, started by Dr. Henry Bussey and his daughter, Marie, in 2000, is totally dependent on donations for its support.

Nov. 27 – “GivingTuesday”: Any donations made to ClotCare on this date through the facebook link below will be matched by Facebook and PayPal.  Facebook and PayPal provide this service without collecting any management fee;  the total amount goes to the non-profit.  This is an opportunity to multiply the impact of your donation. Check us out at www.ClotCare.org and at www.facebook.com/fundraisers

Nov. 23rd (“Black Friday”) and Nov. 26th (“Cyber Monday”) are especially busy online shopping days.  If you are shopping online on those dates (or at any other time), you can support ClotCare at no cost to you by using the online shopping sites of Amazon Smiles at smile.amazon.com or Giving Assistant at givingassistant.org and selecting ClotCare as your preferred charity when you shop online.

Thank you for your consideration of supporting the ClotCare service.

Henry I. Bussey, Pharm.D.

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