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The Thrombosis Research Institute Request Clinician Input Regarding Thrombosis and Cancer


Below is a letter received from the Thrombosis Research Institute in London asking for clinicians involved in this area to help with a global survey.

Dear Dr. or Professor:

I am writing to request your participation in the Fundamental Research in Oncology and Thrombosis, Frontline2 survey.

The understanding of best practice for preventing and treating thrombosis in cancer patients has evolved significantly over the last decade, but variations in practice still persist. The aim of this research is to describe the evolution of clinical understanding in this area since the first FRONTLINE survey in 2001, and also to highlight variations in care, nationally and internationally.

Frontline2 is a global survey, designed by leaders in the field who as an expert steering committee provide global leadership for this important programme. It is funded by an unrestricted grant from Bayer Pharma AG. The survey will collate the views of oncologists, haematologists, surgeons, radiation oncologists and members of the palliative care team who are responsible for treating cancer-associated thrombosis. The work is sponsored and coordinated by the Thrombosis Research Institute (TRI) in London (www.TRI-LONDON.AC.UK).

Why you should take part
The value of this survey lies in achieving as large and as representative a sample of clinicians as possible to generate new insights into this important clinical problem, and to help resolve unanswered questions as well as potentially stimulating further research.

By giving a few minutes of your time to complete the questionnaire, you will provide crucial information to help meet these goals.

How you can contribute
Please complete the survey via our dedicated website frontline2.tri-London.ac.ukwhere you can also find more information about us and the study. The survey will also be available in multiple languages

As a thank you for your help in completing the survey, you can download from our website, an educational slide set prepared by the TRI. The goal of the slide series is to support the continued professional education in the field of venous thromboembolism and in particular cancer-associated thrombosis. In addition, all participants in the study will be granted first-hand access to the FRONTLINE 2 results once published.

I thank you in advance for your support and collaboration on this important piece of research.

Kind regards

Professor the Lord Kakkar
Chairman of the Steering Committee for
The Fundamental Research in Oncology and Thrombosis (Frontline2) study

Emmanuel Kaye Building
Manresa Road
London SW3 6LR


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